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Your rights and obligations

When you use our site, you may be subject to a number of obligations and / or benefit from certain rights and guarantees. This page is intended to inform you of these rights and obligations in order to avoid any abuse.

Your obligations

Are you an individual or a professional?
We remind you that you are likely to be considered a professional, in particular in the following cases:

You sell items purchased for the purpose of reselling them and not for personal use;
You sell objects that you yourself have created;
You regularly sell a large volume of objects;
The sales made allow you to generate profits and generate a substantial income.
If you have any doubts about your quality as a professional or an individual, we invite you to find out about the legal and regulatory provisions which can help you determine your status.

Private advertiser
Declare your income generated

In accordance with the law of your country of residence, we remind you that you may be liable for income tax for your activity on our site.

It is, therefore, your responsibility to declare the income from this activity with the tax authorities.

For your information, we remind you that tax fraud exposes you to:

– A tax adjustment resulting in the regularization of amounts due (with late penalties)

– Fixed fines ranging from 1.5% to 5% on undeclared sums depending on your host country laws

– Criminal sanctions:

Imprisonment (up to 5 years, excluding aggravating circumstances)
A fine (up to 500,000 euros, excluding aggravating circumstances)
A ban on exercising an independent profession or running a business
Deprivation of civil, civil and family rights
Forfeiture sentences.

All these vary depending on the laws of your country of residence. 

Professional Business advertiser
Your rights

Are you a simple user of the site or a buyer?
As a simple user or as a buyer on our site, you benefit from the following rights and guarantees.

As a natural person using our site, you hold rights relating to our processing of your personal data. We invite you to consult them on our Privacy / Cookies page.

As a professional advertiser on our site, after prior written approach vis-à-vis BtoBAfrica, you have the possibility of contacting the Mediator of companies for any litigation whose settlement would not have resulted.


  • Your right of withdrawal
  • The guarantee of conformity
  • Your rights in the event of late delivery
  • Your right to use mediation