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Distribution, referencing and dereferencing rules

This section contains all the rules that you must comply with in order for your ad to be referenced, and therefore broadcast, on our site. The purpose of which is to put several parties in touch with a view to the sale of goods or the supply of service.

Failure to comply with these rules is likely to result in the refusal of your advertisement or its delisting, that is to say, its deletion from our site.

This section also contains the criteria for the classification of advertisements on our site.


Here are a few things to remember when placing an ad:

The text of the advertisement must describe the product/good/service of the advertisement. Ads containing a general text such as “many products for sale in our store” are not accepted. The text of the same ad should not offer more than one property.
The ad must be placed in a category corresponding to the subject of the ad.
The announcement of a property for sale must be filed in the country where the property is located.
You must delete an old advertisement before inserting a new one relating to the same property. You cannot have the same advertisement on the site several times (in several countries or several categories).
We inform you that we authorize an identical announcement:
By country when the advertiser has a substantial stock and a international delivery network as part of a good offer.

By country, as part of a service offer.

All advertising announcements are prohibited.
Exchanges are allowed on the site. However, it is not possible to list more than 5 model references that could serve as the basis for an exchange.
You must indicate the total price and inclusive of tax of the good in the “Price” field.
We inform you that we only authorize professionals in the categories “Agricultural Equipment”, “Transport-Handling”, “Building and public works” and “Tooling, Materials 2nd Work”, to indicate the prices without tax in the field “price Subject to mentioning that this is a price excluding tax in the description of the advertisement.
Any advertisement inserted for the benefit of a professional making an offer of sale, services or intended to publicize his activity must include a SIREN number.

If you file announcements for the benefit of an association, a town hall, as a self-employed person o, you must indicate a SIREN number. If your association does not have one, we invite you to request it from the Regional Directorate.


Any advertisement containing elements of text (words, expressions, sentences, etc.) which would appear to be contrary to legal or regulatory provisions, public decency, the rules of dissemination of our site or likely to disturb or shock readers will be refused by BtoBAfrica, therefore not referenced on our site, without this giving rise to the benefit of the advertiser any right to compensation.

Unauthorized content

It is prohibited to place an advertisement:

Exclusively written in foreign terms. The advertisements must be written in English (legal obligation imposed by law. When a foreign term cannot find its equivalent in English, it must be circumscribed in a precise enough way so as not to mislead the user of the site.
Containing terms or descriptions unrelated to the content offered.
Showing excessive use of keywords.
Directing directly or indirectly to a site other than ours.
With a premium rate phone number.
Political, sectarian, discriminatory, sexist, linked to organizations or persons responsible for crimes against humanity, etc.
discrimination as any distinction made between natural persons on the grounds in particular of their origin, their sex, their handicap, their genetic characteristics, their customs, of their gender identity, their membership or non-membership, true or supposed, to an ethnic group, a Nation, an alleged race or a determined religion [..]. The offense of discrimination, criminalized by law  , is punishable by three years of imprisonment and 45,000 euros fine depending on your country of residence.

Unauthorized products and services

As a user of the BtoBAfrica service, you must ensure that the property you are looking to sell or buy is a product authorized on the site and whose sale is legal.

We invite you to take note of the products / goods / services prohibited on our site:

Tobacco, drugs and related items, dangerous and illegal substances
Cosmetics, medicine and drugstore
Combat or self-defense weapons, firearms, explosives, hunting traps
Adult-only content (pornography, nudity, etc.)
Certain plant and animal species protected, threatened or taken from their natural environment
Consigned objects
Call for private or humanitarian financial donations
Offers that may lead to biased practices
Wanted Notice
The majority of mass market consumer products
Slimming products, food supplements or presented as being miraculous
Product with protected emblems